About Us

The Torracchione project is inspired by the culinary arts of our land and our passion for hospitality. The project takes shape in the beginning of 2000, after having matured for 50 years on the solid base of the activity of historical Restaurant “le Capannine”, in Barberino di Mugello, which reflects the tradition of the typical Tuscan “Osteria”.

Today Torracchione is an accomplished office for counsulting and production of restaurants in shopping centres and malls.
In the course of time the project has identified six key topics, which have been developed and made essential to portray the typical Tuscan restaurant – because the synergy between all the elements that contribute to success is fundamental.
The primary idea is based on suggesting the cosy, rustic and welcoming atmosphere of country restaurants, inside shopping malls, outlets, service areas, and theme parks, and to make it repeatable and usable for all types of clients, that is to export it easily.

We work with taste…. your taste!

In Particular

Rustic, created with materials which recall old rural homes, such as wood, stone and displayed bricks, terracotta or stone pavements, displayed oak-beamed or cassettone ceilings, wooden chairs and tables, terracotta plates and glasses, wine barrels and flasks and big rustic fire-places with grills and roasters.
A simple but tasty and effective recipe, the traditions of Tuscan rustic cuisine such as “ribollita”, cold cuts and salami, the classic “fiorentina” steak with olive-oil baked beans ,and other delicacies as the main dishes of the places where the various restaurants come from. Generous portions achieved with regional and traditional products of first quality.
Because of the basis being strictly Tuscany, also the house wine is from a local vendemmia, but the wine menu can also satisfy the desire of the more demanding palates.
In order to maintain the “trattoria” atmosphere, the staff takes orders and serves at the tables, avoiding the self service aire, which gives the impression of a fast food. An efficient organisation, we can quickly satisfy the demands of shopping malls during the busiest days.
Time Table
A peculiarity that Torracchione offers is the availability, uncommon in restaurants, to eat from 12 o’clock onwards without an afternoon break, until late in the evening, and when possible, after the mall’s closing hours.
Prices are another surprise: it is in fact possible to have a complete and varied meal with only a few euro, creating the opportunity for families to choose the restaurant as a destination for their lunch during shopping.

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Le Capannine

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